Educational Game Websites


Parents and teachers can also turn to the Internet for a variety of teaching aids to help children enhance their learning abilities. One of these online tools is educational game websites.Educational game websites are online resources featuring the interactive versions of some traditional classroom games played in school. The game categories cover the various subjects taught in school like reading, writing, language, science, Mathematics and trivia. These websites may also offer virtual playgrounds where groups of kids can play as teams.

Most educational game websites are browser-based, with no need to download a software. These websites also feature teacher resources like grade books, quiz labs, and homework finders.

Some of the great educational game websites on the Internet today include Fun Brain (, Educational gamewhich offer grade-appropriate games for the students to progress normally as they would in a standard classroom. Games include flashcard games for tots and fun brain games on numbers (Math Baseball, Guess The Number, Place Value Puzzler and Measure It!) and word power (The Plural Girls, Grammar Gorillas, Spell Checks, and Scramble-Saurus). A nice feature is the Web Books where reading and comprehension are tested using online books and comics written by kids.

Play Kids’ Games ( is among the popular educational game websites today, with games designed for pre-kindergarten to middle school students. The game selections build skills for primary learners like color and shapes to math, vocabulary, memory games, geography and computer skills for higher level learners. vocabulary gameGames include Alphabet Whack-a-Mole, Marble Blast (colors) Magic Cup (memory), Math Fact Price and Typing Speed. A fun feature of this website is teachers can build their own class page consisting of vocabulary words and math problems that the students build themselves and can show up in the games.