Smart parents nowadays know that their children can never be too young to be introduced to some fun game websites for kids.

This is because web-based games can be great learning tools for children. Studies show that video games and browser-based games on the Internet help a child develop eye-hand coordination, logical thinking and spatial (space comprehension) skills, among others.

For instance, a simple Internet dress-up game teaches a child color combinations, complimentary forms, shapes and figures, and helps develop their creativity. Color-it games, race and chase games, brick games and robot formations are also great and fun learning games for children. Parents can choose the web-based games that are age-appropriate for their kids, letting the child familiarize themselves with the game rules and executing play decisions on their own.


Children respond best to colorful, jazzy kiddie game websites where they can identify forms and figures that they often see in their surroundings. As such, fun game websites for kids are often strewn with interactive, colorful interfaces and feature game themes using well-loved kiddie cartoons, from classic Disney characters, cartoon characters, robots and animal figures that they also see on television.

There are a lot of fun game websites for kids that parents can use to complement their child’s learning at home or in school. One of them is Primary Games ( which offers a variety of children’s web-based games for various ages, such as Drag & Drop Puzzle, President’s Day (coloring games), Jumpstart 3D (flying, jumping and swimming adventures), dress-up games, and action packed games for boys like Planet Soccer Live and Super Bike GP.